Friday, May 3, 2013

Although Winter is very shy and cautious she really seems to be enjoying herself these days. She sleeps in an ex-pen in our room along with Journey. In the mornings once we have signaled its time to get up she gets excited and happy to be greeted and talked to. Her teeth chatter and she does a few little twirls and pony jumps as if to say, "what a beautiful morning." :) It's a sweet way to start our day too. Other than her energetic start to the day, she is pretty content to nap and spend time wondering and exploring the backyard at her leisure.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Making good strides

Winter seems to be enjoying herself more these days. She really likes having time to wonder the backyard and sniff and explore to her heart's content, especially her last turn out of the day. She is sleeping with us now in an ex-pen and has adjusted well. She is quiet and waits for us to signal the start of the day in the morning. She has an endearing habit of "collecting" things in her crate or bed. She doesn't chew or harm anything - she just seems to like having them . We don't mind and it's become sort of a game. She will also sneak things off the back deck (my rubber boots, for example!) and squirrel them out to the small woodsy area of our backyard. Our grey has some cute antics when he wants us to engage with him and Winter has started to mimic some of them! She is a pretty and very sweet girl. I wish I had the time, patience and skill to take better pictures of her but sadly I lack all three! :) She is the only foster we've had that needed no help at all from us in learning stairs! She just taught herself and on day one - amazing since she is such a young girl. She and Journey are getting to know each other and now try to beat each other out/in the door. On walks Winter now likes to spend time right next to him at his pace.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome Miss Winter!

We picked Winter up yesterday afternoon. She is a very shy girl and our mission is show her that life off the track and with a family is a great place to be. She has been on two walks with our greyhound, Journey. She has a tendency to make constant U-turns as if to say, "Thanks so much, but I'll be going back to my crate, now." :) I am keeping her at my right side and give her a gentle nudge with my thigh when she makes her u-turn move. I noticed some improvement on the 2nd walk with her being able to relax a bit and take in some of the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. We encountered several small dogs and she did not react much at all. She is not a constant sniffer, like our male (a bonus in my book). We usually have our fosters sleep in our bedroom with us in an ex-pen, along with our own dog. But Winter has sort of indicated that that may be a bit too much for her right now. She is most comfortable in her crate so we play the radio on the classical music station for her through the night for some company. We'll see when she signals that she is ready to join the family upstairs. She doesn't have too much interest in our grey yet, but everything is so new to her. All in good time.